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pineapple said:
Good luck if you decide to buy a JBJ regulator and it goes wrong on you.

For JBJ, The issue stands with they just don't have any on hand to switch it out or fix it. I guess that it was more important to have direct sale and hurt the customer service/ repair because of the 4th quarter (I'm not even sure if its a public traded company, but this is a common tatic for the bottom line).

I had one that only worked for a couple of days then I had to ship it to them priority. One of the issues I have is that they will only ship it fed ex ground back to me - Which is about 7-10 day. But from my understanding, its a quality equipment that should last a very long time. Of course, like anything else, They produce a low amount of defective one's that wash thru QC (That we ended up with).

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