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removal of Gammarus

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my 33 gallon long has a dense carpet of hairgrass, however i have some Gammarus that have been living inside the grass. Each time i try to catch them, they hide inside the gravel so i cant get to them.

They are eating my grass, and are growing in numbers. Thats why i want to get rid of them.

My tank has cardinal tetras, amano shrimp and cherry shrimps, so i cant throw a cichlid inside to eat the Gammarus.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can get rid of these little guys without having to tear my tank down as i dont want to start over since this tank is looking quite good.

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Are they eating older leaves? More likely, they are eating the detritus which ends up filtering down between the leaves of Eleocharis sp. If you give the 'carpet' a good vacuum, you will remove the food source and a few of the amphipods as well.

Andrew Cribb
A betta or two might take care of the Gammarus. I got rid of some Gammarus once using a betta. I put in the Gammarus to get rid of hair algae, but the Gammarus didn't stop after the hair algae was gone. I don't know if a betta would go after your shrimp. Cherry shrimp are kind of little, aren't they. That might not be so good. The bettas should not be any threat to the tetras.
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