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My question: can I remove the filter?
What do you think?
To answer your initial question: yes.

For more detail, I am assuming that because you live in South Africa that your environment (temperature) is warmer and more steady than the temperature where I live in Upstate New York (USA) where the temperature can range from 80's and 90's in the summertime to -20 degrees (Farenheit) outside. In a well planted aquatic tank, if temperature is steady and you do not need a heater in your tank - then you may not need water circulation. The fish may provide all the water circulation that you may need. The plants provide all of the biological and chemical filtration that you need and or want.

Next question: Will this work for freshwater Angelfish? Jack Whatley who writes a column in Tropical Fish Hobbyist may be able to answer this because he raises Discuss which I understand are more picky. Or better yet, if you have some baby angelfish - try this - and tell us how it works.

From what I have read freshwater angelfish have stripes so that they can blend in with the plants. What determines how well they do in your aquarium may have more to do with whether they were wild caught or farm raised. Farm raised or captive raised are hardier and do better in aquariums.

So to answer your inital question: yes.

Question to answer: Is the temperature in your area warm enough or steady enough? If so, then you will not need water circulation to assist any heater that you may not need in your tank. Your fish will do that.

I wish you the best with your aquariums.

Please post a photo of your aquariums. I would love to see.

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