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removing the top rim of an aquarium

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Hi Tom,
You posted to APD a pictorial on removing the top rim of an aquarium. Are
these pics still around somewhere, and could you post them to the DIY section
of the Barr Report? Also, joined as a member yesterday, but can't seem to
post any replies, keep getting object Error, for font, size, etc. and won't let
me type anything in the message box. Guess this last bit should be directed
to Greg, sorry. Great site, Tom! I think I'm #106:)

Bill Ruyle
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Yes Bill, they are up, at least the "Trick" is.

Tom Barr
Thanks, Tom!
Saw the photo of the trick--great idea if one is careful!


That's not something I suggest for small tank but your hands and a plastic scraper can widdle the darn things off on that size.

I've been repairing larger glass tanks for some 20+ years.
I'm relatively good at it so you might want to consider having something custom made.

Unless you are somewhat skilled, and carefully find ways to make sure the tank will not crack etc, it's not for the greenhorn.

Tom Barr
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