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I found this information on another forum.
I hope that it helps.

I woke up to water inside my stand today.. I started freaking out.... I just went through a water problem

found that water was coming from the hole on the back of the motor housing where the power cord comes out. I took the motor head off and too it apart to find that it is totally sealed from the impeller. so the only thing could of been the orings for the quick disconnect. I took one off and went to home depot to match it up.. they had a pack of the exact same orings for 1.97. I put a little pipe dope (old mechanics trick) on the orings and put it back together.. no leaks all day today.

so if you have a xp1 xp2 xp3 or xp4 that is leaking from there... just go to your local hardware store and replace them. there is 10 orings in the package for that price... I went ahead and changed the orings on the other filter as well.
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