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Rena XP1 question...

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For folks who use this filter, do you replace the micro filtration pad every time, remove it completely or use something else in its place? I have washed it once and it is hard to handle due to its flimsiness.

Thanks in advance.
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I bought some 50 mic filter cloth and replaced it with that.
I usually can agressively rinse my out a couple of times, then I replace them. I have some 100 and 50 micro pads that I cut up and replace with. Alternately, you could probably get some fine bonded dacron from the fabric store.
I have not replaced mine so far, and I generally give it a good squeezing during water changes. I agree its flimsy, but it hasn't come apart on me yet.
So where do you folks buy the 50 micron pads or cloth from?
Bert H said:
For folks who use this filter, do you replace the micro filtration pad every time, remove it completely or use something else in its place?
I throw them away. You may want to visit Walmart (or any Arts & Crafts store) and pick up a bag of HYPO-ALLERGENIC "quilt batting". IME, it is much more efficient than the micro-filtration pads provided by either manufacturers. Quilt batting is very inexpensive so no rinsing is required, unless you're really frugal.
Thanks CS! I bought some from Wally World a couple of days ago. I got a foot and a half from the roll batting they sell for about $1.25. Cutting into 6 inch squares for the filstar I have enough to last a year.
You got the stuff that has been rolled in a mat? Ewwwwww. :mrgreen: Those are expensive. What I was referring to is the fibers in loose form like this:

You can't put it near the impeller because pieces might get caught. Has not happened yet, but it theoretically can. I have them on the bottom basket and the coarse sponges on top. The coarse sponges are really just there to hold the polyester fibers in place. They don't actually do any mechanical filtration because all debris are caught by the polyester fibers.
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I got so excited over the price (read: I'm chea...ummm...frugal :mrgreen:) that I forgot to mention how IMO undesirable these matted quilt battings are.

These mats are not thick so the detritus will quickly bypass the filter fibers and end up back into the water column. With the polyester fiber in loose form, I can pack them into at least 2" thickness. They are so effective at trapping particulate matters that in my Eheim 2113 where I stuff them to 5" thick, you can shine a flashlight onto the see-through canister and see the progression of particles traveling up the fibers over a period of several months; at which time, I replace with new fibers.

Good eyesight is not required either because the clean fibers will be colored WHITE until clogged with detritus/bacteria action. :D
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