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After keeping sliders for several years (yellow and red eared), all I can say is that I would never use anything but large boulders with my turtles. They may be small and carnivorous now, but when full grown, these turtles turn from a protein-based diet to a vegatarian diet. I assure you that they will try to devour even the leathery leaved Anubias sp. in the future.

Pouring more light into this type of tank is a recipe for massive algae outbreaks. Turtle tanks are EXTREMELY rich in nutrients. When large, their tanks will require water changes at least two times a week just to keep the water clear.

That said, I really love turtles. Just don't put them anywhere near my planted tank or try to make their tank a planted tank. I used to feed cuttings from my tank. They especially liked to eat/shred the Cabomba and Ludwigia. :)

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