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this is my 20H. i have an aqualight 36w on it and no co2. im kinda bored with how it looks right now and im thinkin about rescaping it soon. i cant really decide how to rescape though. i could have all the wood in one corner and have a sort of valley infront with maybe some HC or other carpeting plant. im really not sure what to do i just know i want to rescape. im lookin into one of those co2 things you put on a co2 tank from a paintball gun and another 36 w light to replace the purple "night light" bulb that came with the fixture. i also plan to add cherries and maybe some more fish. yall have any ideas? im a total noob to this stuff so please help lol.

if/when i do rescape, do i need to wait like 2 weeks to add fauna like i did when i first set up? jw cuz all the beneficial bacteria etc is already in my gravel but the plants will need some time to get settled in. thanks for the help

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the anubias will be on a rock its the green spot. thanks for the compliment :). is it a good idea to put the potemogeton gayi infront of the ludwigia repens? i thought it would be shorter so it would look ok as a transition from the ludwigia to the micro sword
Looks like a good plan. The P gayi is a more open, airy plant so it should do fine in front of the Ludwigia. If it gets too tall it's very easy to trim. When it's happy it will send out runners everywhere, so you might want to consider a containment system for it.

I noticed that your background plantings are all about the same size. I did that in a tank and changed it later so some were bigger and others smaller - it looked a bit too regulated when the groups were all the same size. I realize this is just a general sketch, but it's something to consider when you're planting.
ya i know what you mean. i just want my background really thick in the middle bc theres a stain on my back glass that i cant get off that i want covered. how could i contain the P. gayi? rocks?
You can get a disposable cup, cut the bottom out and plant it in the rim. It doesn't spread so fast that you can't manage it. It does send out runners, kind of like dwarf sag. You can either just pull them up or do the containment planting thing. :D
right now for filtration i just have a penguin bio-wheel mini. should i switch to something better?
does it grow as fast as corkscrew val?
It's growth rate depends on how happy it is with its conditions. I had it in one tank and it spread through all the stems plants in a couple weeks without me noticing it. Such a pain trying to get it out. It's now growing quite slowly in a different tank (thankfully!) and I have it boxed in by rocks so any runners will have to jump over the rocks and will be easy to see and pull.

Instead of using a cup you could cut a ring out of the center of a 2 liter pop bottle. It would be pretty easy to shape it into whatever you like and clear plastic shouldn't be too noticeable in a tank. Once it's pushed into the substrate it should be sturdy enough to keep the runners contained (or jumping the corral so it's easy to see them).
Catherine you are so clever! Glad you're here! :D
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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