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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie and I need help picking some plants.

I have some hydrocotyle leucocephala (AKA Brazillia Ivy/Pennywort) growing in a temporary tank, and I adore it. It wll hold a place of special interest in the near foreground of a new tank. I envisioned it filling out the surface in a foreground corner- erupting out of a dense mound of "something". What should that something be? It would need to thrive and fill in space under less than ideal lighting (I willl be using about 4wpg CF in 6700K) because the Pennywort will block light once it reaches the surface, correct? I want to use something besides a java fern- something with some color to it- pref something slightly metallic (silvers would be ideal). Should I be looking at crypts? Any suggestions?
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