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This is the location that I have chosen for others to discuss my aquatic garden pages found at:
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Looks great Jeff! Your open house is the one I've been looking forward to since I joined the SFBAAPS.
Jeff, I like the weblog format to see progress on the tank.

I thought one comment you made was particularly interesting, which was about 'cold feet'. You were talking about rotalas specifically, and they are stem plants. I have 100% flourite with undergravel heating cable in my main tank. But both are being under-utilized by me, because I no longer plant most of the stems plants into the substrate, for ease of maintanance. I just use plant weights to weigh down the bunches. Some bunches even float in mid water without actually touching the substrate. I just pull the bunch up and cut off the lower half for pruning. I only decided to do that after reading Tom Barr saying that aquatic plants take nutrients only through leaves and that's why I do water column dosing exclusively. All rotalas do very well for me that way. My tank water is warm, 83F.
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Very nice Jeff! Its so nice to see the changes and evolutions your tank has made. Its also very interesting to see the evolutions you have made. Looking back through the earlier years I I hold mhope for myself. Its like seeing an artist progression through their career.

I find it truely amazing the chages that have occured in your tank since September. Are all those changes season related? The larges stands of crypts have simple melted back due to the cold? Nice to see the Marsilea undisturbed. I love that little plant! Also interesting to me is the Lace plant is undisturbed. Ialways thought they were sensative to climate. Or is it that they prefer the cooler temp?(can't remember).

Thank you for sharing that Jeff:)

Since I consider my nov-dec online gaming binge seasonaly related, yes all change is seasonaly related.

My crypts have always shrunk back in winter. This time last year my spriralis was little 4" wisps. At the begining of oct that crypt tropica, left center, was 5 times larger with leaves 10 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The remaining leaves now are 3 inches long and perhaps 1 inch wide. mid oct. through late feb. is a very discourageing time of year for my aquatic gardening. I am lucky that the AGA showcase happens during my prime time of year. It seems I can do nothing wrong during August and September and my tank amazes me.


Miser that I am, my heater is set for 72. Temperature stratification is not limited to the substrate. It is also very noticable around the bases of large stands of stem plants where circulation is reduced. I can feel the cold areas with my hand, its quite dramatic.


Ply me with tests of my water parameters and you might get a private veiwing. I am kinda intrested in trying the PPS method but lack sooo many of the requisite tools and ingredients that it seems very unlikely at this point.
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Hey Jeff, I like your blog, it is simple, yet nice. On a side note, your comments brought up a few questions.
In hosting them, I renewed and sustained my enthusiasm for a hobby that is notoriously cyclical. On these pages I will attempt to embrace this cyclical aspect of the aquarium hobby.
It seems like you were commenting on the hobby in general as being cyclical, and not just your personal experience (cold-warm seasons). Is my interpretation correct? Could you clarify a bit more? How did you arrive at this conclusion? Have you discussed with others about this? This could explain why my level of involvement in the hobby varies from time to time.
Jeff Kropp said:
...My crypts have always shrunk back in winter. This time last year my spriralis was little 4" wisps.
And here I though it was because all of you spiralis ended up in my 125! :lol:

Your tank looks great. I really like the Limnophila(?) in the's like some Japanese fairy tale setting.
Calcium deficiency in L. glandulosa?

I noticed that you have almost the same KH/GH that I have and running gravel substrate and that the L. glandulosa have Ca-deficiencies. Did you do anything about it or is that the way L. glandulosa should look like?

I'm annoyed about my twisting L. glandulosa leaves looking like this.
defdac said:
Did you do anything about it or is that the way L. glandulosa should look like?
All my difficulties with L. glandulosa were related to how well a plant was rooted. Whenever this plant fails in my tank it always begins in the buried part of the stem or the main stem just below a side shoot with roots. If a tip fails I always find more advanced symptoms lower down that stem. I do have reoccuring curl problems with hygro kompakt but I attribute it to excessive momentum rather than calcium deficiency. Lowering my co2 concentration and/or shortening my light period usually repairs the curl on my H.kompakt.

Magnus, you read my statement correctly. My interest in aquarium husbandry waxes and wanes. Participation in local aquarium clubs helps to keep my interest up and makes my efforts much more rewarding. Inviting people over to see my tanks has been super fun every time. There is nothing quite like seeing a tank 1st hand and discussing it with like minded aquarists. It feels good to see that happen around a tank that you created.
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While I agree through my own experience that reducing mementum(lower light/CO2) always helps with deficiency symptoms, nonetheless, the existence of those symptoms in high momentum tanks always indicate sub-optimal nutrients levels/ratios causing uptake issues in plants. True? I have been able to fix most of my leaf curling problems with addition of Ca regardless of my high GH. The H. compacta I got from you has huge leaves.

About 'cold feet', I think my undergravel cable makes a great heater in that regard, even though I am not really dealing with the substrate. The heated water rises from below, efficiently heating the whole tank. So it is not money wasted after all.

So how cold is too cold for most plants? I am considering setting up some unheated tanks, the temp might get to low 60s in the room overnight.
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New pic depicting one months change uploaded.

I don't know if I've found the jeff Kropp I'm looking for. I moved to California with a Jeff kropp
Years ago, after attending Hamline University together, in St. Paul MN. Is this you? Just wanting
get in touch and see how you've been. It's been a long long time. I love the aquarium work. It
appeals to me as I am an avid scuba diver these days. I do underwater photography that I think you'd really appreciate. Contact me if you get this.

John Dundas
[email protected]


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