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Hey all,

First time posting...planning my first plant tank. A newbie in every sense, except that I've been keeping tropical fish for about 10 years (since I was 11). Never any plants though.

So I'm thinking to start with a setup very similar to Carlos' 12g nanocube (detailed in his journal on the aquascaping forum). The tank will sit in my dorm room next year, as I see his did. Mine's in CA, though... =)

I was wondering specifically about how to retrofit a new light fixture onto the 'cube. In the journal, Carlos talks about adding an AH 13W fixture/bulb, but from the looks of the hood, it's rather cramped in there. Additionally, I know very little about ballasts, reflectors, and how to retrofit lights in general. I'm not too worried about blowing a bulb or something (those are cheap) but I'd rather not burn my dorm down.

Any tips about how to add a fixture would be welcome, as would comments on the necessity/practicality of doing so.

Miami, FL (gawd it's hot here)
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