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I have been reading the forum for some time, but never felt the need to post a message, until now! :rolleyes:

I have planted aquarium with sump and as return pump I have Eheim 1250.
the pump it's not noisy.... but when there is no other noise I can ear a little "hhhuuuuuummmm"
that sometimes can be irritating..... :icon_hang
(this pump it's working for around 2 month, and always made this little noise)

Does anybody know if the compact+ 2000 or compact+ 3000 from Eheim it's
queitest than the one I have?

Or do you advise any other, quietest, return pump... around 1200L/h to 2000L/h?

Paulo Cabrita

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have you tried the mag drives?
Nope! I Can't find Mag pumps on this side of the ocean! :-(

From all the research I've done, the Velocity/Poseidon external pumps are dead-silent.
Not sure if it is available in Europe?
I have done a quick google search.... and lot's of people have that opinion. It's dead-silent!
But I think it will be almost impossible to find someone selling them near me!
ebay it's a possibility.... let's wait and see what comes next! ;-)

The Velocity pumps are dead silent but they will add a ton of heat to your tank, like 5F+ to a 40 gallon tank. Mag Drives are much louder than Eheims. You should look into the spankin new Tunze Silence pumps which are also designed to be very quiet. Check out the Reefbuilders post on the Tunze Silence pumps.
Where I live It's not very hot, I have the heater on all year, it's a 90 gallon tank and temp. 77 F, the +5F would not be a big problem, well...
maybe just 10 ou 11 days a year! :flame:

The Tunze Silence..... I can't find much user information/reviews, in the NET, about the Silence model,
but my LFS have Tunze pump's (Silence????) I'll try to get one and see really how silent it is!
(But the Velocity/Poseidon are in second place on my list ;-) )

Any more suggestions?

Thank you all,
Paulo Cabrita
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