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Returned to fishkeeping after nearly twenty years....

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Well, I've been lurking on the forum for months, and signed up for awhile as well, but I never did properly introduce myself. I still need to finish the second part to my little fishkeeping history, but here is....


Like quite a few people I'd suspect, I started when I was a wee lad with a couple of carnival goldfish. Of course, these were always very long lived.... sometimes making it a whole week... then again I was six....

When I was about eleven I decided I wanted to do some 'serious' fish keeping. However, since my allowance was something like $3 a week (in 1984; today my wife gives me like three or four times this, so I'm set now), this amounted to me getting three decent goldfish, a bowl, and some supplies. Unfortunately, two of the three died within a week. The remaining fish, however, rallied and survived in my pathetic little bowl for almost two years! His name was 'My Little Shark.' When he passed away I buried him in my back yard in an empty fish food container. It seemed very elegant back then.

After My Little Shark died I decided to move into the 'big' leagues. I got myself a ten gallon aquarium around 1986 and stocked it with goldfish and catfish sans heater. I did okay given my general ignorance, but then one December my parents and I went away on vacation. We asked a family friend to watch our house and he decided that he would 'help us' and 'save us a few dollars' by turning off our heat while we were gone for the week. Well, the temperatures got down around 15 degrees outside and perhaps 35 inside, so when I returned I had one live corydoras catfish and alot of other frozen fishes floating around. Still makes me mad even today.

I decided after that that I would never have a tank without a heater again, regardless of whether I was keeping goldfish or warmer water fishes, and from there I started to move toward keeping tropical fish. I tried Angel fish, snails, Danios of various types, Neon/Card. Tetras, etc. Then I got an odd bit of luck.....

A friend of my mom knew someone who had just been convicted of child molestation... (I said it was odd...) and the judge had given him a couple weeks to sort put his house in order before heading to the big house. Well, this dude had a 55 gallon aquarium, a 30 gallon aquarium, a wonderful stand, and all the accoutrements, as well as some fish. So he gave me all this stuff and I was in fish heaven. (I have absolutely no clue whatever happened to this guy... frankly, couldn't care either, but I appreciated the tanks.) For awhile I'd have three aquariums: a 55g, a 30g, and a 10g!

part 2 to follow.....
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Welcome to the site. Nice to see you around this side. You forgot to mention your new found addiction to tylomelania snails!
How unfair! The bait and switch!!! I've been baited with a great story and switched to having to wait!! I'll have to stay tuned for "the rest of the story".... Is your real name Paul H.?
That's quiet an introduction, with some twist & turns... Welcome to APC :clap2: ... Eagerly awaiting part 2.
Welcome to APC! I agree, what a great intro!
LOL about the past and present allowance..... :)
Welcome to the forum and welcome back to the hobby.
Thank you all very much for the incredibly warm welcome. It is much appreciated. Sorry that my lil' story hasn't been completed, but I'll strive to finish up ASAP. It'll be in three parts and the second one will come very soon, perhaps as soon as later tonight.

Milalic- Yea, haven't gotten to my recent addiction to inverts, but you did remind me that there was/is a much older beginning to this that I had forgotten to mention.....

Tex Gal- No, not Paul H. My name is Aaron and I'm from Trenton, NJ. However, I do know one person from Texas. His name is Chris. Maybe you know him, what with Texas being such a small place and all... ;) Just kiddin'. But seriously, whos's Paul H.?

Once again, thanks for the warm reception, one and all!

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