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Riachuelo, a 36 bow stream set-up

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A Richuelo is what we call in Argentina (and most south america) a small stream or small river. my tank is like the edge of the stream :D

set up:

36 bowfront.

catalina light T5HO 3 24W. 2 10k and 1 65k.

substrate is mine special ;), bottom layer has dolomites and mourish of potash, peat, bag of seachem flourish, bag of eco complete and bag of amazonia :cool:

plants: anubia sp. Gasser, Anubia heterophla, anubia nana petite, anubia nana narrow, anubia lanceolata, nymphaea sp, nymphaea micrantra, nymphaea zenkerii, eleocharis sp., eleocharis montevidensis, crinum calamistratum, and floating water sprite :D

fish: nannacara anomala, red coral pencilfish, calico bushy nose pleco, group of 6-7 pigmy cory cats, 2-3 ottos .

eventually i would like to add some co2.

im not much of a photographer but enjoy :cool:

(more pics next post)


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Very nice! How many N. anomala do you have in the tank? Is the female the one with the mottled pattern of dark brown?

thanks! yes that is the female and when the fry were smaller she was even darker!!! :D really big change from her normal light brown colors.. the male is the blue/red one
Really cool, especially the N. anomala. So did they breed in that tank? I've been curious about what water conditions they prefer. I don't have the type of set up they'd be happy in, and I'm sure my water is too hard, but they are a great species to check out once in a while.

Thanks for sharing.
thanks, they breed quite fast in that tank. when i had them in the 20l the ph was higher around 7.6 or so. but with this tank i added amazonia to help lower it. now the ph is around 6.4 and in less than a month after set up they laid eggs twice, first time unsucessfull, second time, chan! success =D
the water, as you can see in the photo is not all that clear. i don't have carbon in the filter and the wood is probably leaching tannings, don't know if that helps..
bump! re did the tank a few weeks ago.

changed the amazonia for flora max black.
added a ton of plants!
added some apistogramma viejita rio something
messy pics coming tomorrow, some extra stuff floating around from overbuying stems and stuff =D
oh and, i can finally grow some moss!! don't know what tipe but is growing :cool:
Very nice looking tank Damian..

I too, have some N anomola very similar looking to yours.. I got tired of them spawning in the tank and took out all the females and fry (work!) but left a lone male (I thought; 1 small juvenile escaped capture but fortunately turned out to be a male - who, poor thing is harassed constantly by the larger male ;0)P

Can't wait to see your new layout and esp the Viejitas.. very nice fish.. haven't had an opportunity to keep those Apistos *yet*

thanks, the viejita are really young at less than half an inch for now...the nannacara are doing great! enjoy the pics


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more pics

lol, on the third photo is crypt ideii...i swear this poor plant has had it rough! twice i moved it, twice it completely melted and both times i thought it was gone for sure! i just noticed it yesterday while planting, again...:frusty:

the nannacara fry are all gone, i couldnt get the boy out, he probably snacked on them..

new plant list include: stargrass, ludwigia pilosa, staurogyne portho velho, mini micro sword, and other stems that i have no clue what their names are!!!! my second attempt to doing stems :icon_hang

oh and, as you can see, im finally able to grow moss!!! not sure what tipe it is but is growing;)


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Re: mid september update!

i re did the tank again. unfortunately the hairgrass arrived in crappy shape and i was able to save only about half of it and was not enough to cover the area i have...

i also failed again with the stem plants:twitch: i kept a few but most others got leggy and seem too demanding, not my style so here it is:

new plants:
*Crypt wendtii "florida sunset"
*Crypt Keii "Jambusan"
*Crypt Crispatula Var. Balansae "Green"
*Crypt Crispatula Var. Flassidifolia
*Dwarf Hair Grass, probably E. Parvulus

also have some New Fish:
*Wild caught in Peru by a friend Giant Ottos.

you can also see the apistogramma viejita are doing quite well! =)


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Ooooooooooh, nice plant...the purple undersides will look great in the scape. I really like the Crypt-heaviness of this scape; they're gonna look great as they fill in.

That's cool on the wild caught ottos. Do they tank breed when they are wild caught?
thanks man! you recognize the stauro. portho velo up front? =)

i like crypts because they are easier and undemanding for the most part.
as far as the ottos go, i don't know how they will do in the long run..i only had them for a few weeks if so..


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long due update..

so its been a while, i moved i changed stuff i rechanged..

this is what the tank is looking like today:

fish: apistogramma cacatuoides orangeish flash(look yellow to me), bearded corys, apistogramma panduro, coral red pencilfish, long fin bushy nose plecos,

plants: crypt ideii, crypt cordata rosainberg, crypt cordata hybrid, crypt wendtii green gecko, crypt wendtii florida sunset, crypt crispatula, cryptos that i forgot the names, dwarf hair grass, crypt parva (soon to be moved out), mesanthenum sp (africa?), nymphoides sp taiwan (soon to be gone) and a lovely stem plant that i got from cavan and forgot the name to :-k

sssssso, what you guys think? enjoy [smilie=n:


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Too bad you dropped the Nannacaras for the 'Orange Flash' Do like the panduro though! And the pencil fish (loved to have a school of them but waaaaay too expensive over here...)
Too bad you dropped the Nannacaras for the 'Orange Flash' Do like the panduro though! And the pencil fish (loved to have a school of them but waaaaay too expensive over here...)
didnt decide to change the nannacara,..i traveled and when i came backt hey were gone :-x
i like the panduro, they are very skittish though, hopefully they will breed =) the orange flash breeds all the time and i raise the fry in a separate tank.

the coral reds are awesome!! i bought them in two separate batches from a friend...i agree, expensive :-\"
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