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Riachuelo, a 36 bow stream set-up

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A Richuelo is what we call in Argentina (and most south america) a small stream or small river. my tank is like the edge of the stream :D

set up:

36 bowfront.

catalina light T5HO 3 24W. 2 10k and 1 65k.

substrate is mine special ;), bottom layer has dolomites and mourish of potash, peat, bag of seachem flourish, bag of eco complete and bag of amazonia :cool:

plants: anubia sp. Gasser, Anubia heterophla, anubia nana petite, anubia nana narrow, anubia lanceolata, nymphaea sp, nymphaea micrantra, nymphaea zenkerii, eleocharis sp., eleocharis montevidensis, crinum calamistratum, and floating water sprite :D

fish: nannacara anomala, red coral pencilfish, calico bushy nose pleco, group of 6-7 pigmy cory cats, 2-3 ottos .

eventually i would like to add some co2.

im not much of a photographer but enjoy :cool:

(more pics next post)


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Very nice! How many N. anomala do you have in the tank? Is the female the one with the mottled pattern of dark brown?

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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