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A flat object (rock or even a piece of glass, can be used to 'grow' a Riccia mat.
Go to the drugstore and in the hair care section, you'll find packages of hairnets(3,5 or 8 to a package). Pick out a color that is as clear as possible and bring them home. Take the object and lay it on the counter and lay the loose Riccia over it, covering as much or all of the object if possible. Put the hair net(nylon) over the Riccia and around the object and tie it off at the bottom with fishing line.
Riccia must be very firmly tied down to the object, because it wants to float and will 'lift' off of the object unless it's tied securely.
After tying it off at the bottom, take more fishing line and wrap it around the whole thing as tightly as you can, and tie it off on the bottom.
You will not hurt the plants by tying tightly.
The riccia will grow up through the netting and hide all of it and the fishing line in a few weeks. Then just 'give it a haircut' when necessary, being careful not to cut the netting with the scissors.
Riccia needs good light and CO2 really aids it's growth, especially when grown on the substrate.
BTW, it is a bunch of little plants that will mat together under good light.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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