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Riccia Fluitans Suggestions

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I'm new to this plant Riccia Fluitans but it's looking awesome so far floating in a bunch around my tank. Question...Should I flip the entire chunk once in awhile? The top is looking nice and green but the bottom doesn't get as much light and there is some signs of slight die-off under there. I'm thinking by flipping it upside down, the bits that previously had low light/no light would come back but the bottom (previously the top) would slowly get less green ? Any experience with this plant? Should I leave it alone? --I'm just trying to get as much growth as possible.

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flipping it should be good, could flip it every day.

also thinking, could play around with fertilizers, ... if the plant is growing really fast because it's getting lots of food and lots of light (on top), slowing down it's growth (less food) will put less strain on the underside as it's not going to be starving for light.

but wanting it to grow as much as possible, ... i'd side with flipping it.

just a thought, (i don't have practice in the area, so take it or leave it as you wish :)
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