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I have tried for ages to get ricca to stay submerged. It wont attach to the tuffa rock I have in my tank. (purely there to keep the ph from crashing due to no kH in our water and sand / potting soil subrate)

I have used 'granny nets' to attach huge clumps to the rock, completly covering it 1/4 inch thick and completely covering it all in a double layer of 'granny hair nets' it still manages to get loose and float again within a couple of weeks. The entire top of the tank is now covered with it in thick mats and i'm actually feeding it to my cichlid tank to keep it down a bit.

Any idea's of what I might be doing wrong? No surface movement at all, and now due to the thick mat of ricca its starting to get a bit 'slimy' on top of it and I have to dunk it down to break up the surface scum thats forming. I have labarinines in there so need to keep the surface 'beathable'

Love the plant but its starting to cause me more problems than joy.

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