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River Rock and Wood Scape

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This is a new tank setup. Pic was taken on Day 1. Don't mind the cloudy water. :D

- 2(L) x 1(W) x 1.5(H) ft
- 110W
- Flourite and riversand

- E. tenellus
- Polygonum sp Sao Paulo
- Juncus repens
- Crypt Mi Oya
- Val Americana var natans

- Boraras Urolthemoides
- Cherry shrimps

Hope you like it.


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My only complaint is that the huge rock right at the golden section is overwhelming -- the impression is a bit strong.

Unlike Andrew, I do hope that the plant growth will soften the lines of your hardscaping.

Good job and please keep us updated,

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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