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Use RO water?

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Do you use RO in your planted tanks?

I have a unit that I use for water in my reef and have been using RO exclusively since I got back into the plants. I reconsitute it with RO Rite (Kent, bought a bunch a long time ago and am still using the same jar.) I think this may just be a waste of water and time, though. Phosphate is not that high in my area, although I believe chloramines are used seasonally. I am thinking about just going tap or maybe a mix of the two - the hardness I am (re)adding is already in there. Our water comes right from the Mississippi anyway, but I haven't seen a report in the last couple years.

What do you all think? If you don't use RO, what do you do to condition it (if anything)? If you do use RO, what are your reasons for using it? What do you do to re-con?
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