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I let my 10 gal Endler tank get a little over-grown and finally did something about it last night. I started out with java moss in there about 2 years ago but added Taiwan and Xmas moss later on. The two/three sort of got a bit mixed up and grew like mad. A load of salvinia floating in there too.


- one tennis ball-size ball of mixed java, taiwan and xmas moss
- 10-15+ plantlets of salvinia minima
- at least one small rhizome of needle-leaf java fern

WARNING: this tank is my breeding ground for ramshorn snails that I feed my puffer. So there is likely more than a few in this moss ball and likely even some snail eggs in there.

$0 for the baggie of it all
$5 for USPS Priority shipping

I have no heat packs so no guarantees or refunds. At your own risk weather and temp-wise.

Or if you want to pick it up in person I am in San Francisco today mid-town (Van Ness/California) until early this afternoon, then in the Marina/Cow Hollow area the rest of the day. This evening back home in the East Bay (Albany/north Berkeley).
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