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I'd like to ship this out today, so the sooner I get payment, the sooner it sends.

I have:
crinum calimistratum with 2 daughter plants - about 14in tall
melon sword - about 18in tall
various pieces of anubias bateri
lobelia cardinalis

All I ask is $6.50 for priority shipping.
The catch? I'm done fighting hair algae with plants that are more than easy to replace. These plants have improved, but I can't seem to kick it. That said, you may/will see some hair algae on these. I don't have the tankspace to leave them in a shrimp tank until they are cleaned up. I'm stocking up on ludwigia and hygrophila until it's resolved.

I also have juvenile tiger shrimp. I can't assure you that they'll arrive alive, but I'll refund the cost of the shrimp that don't make it (assuming you take the above package). Asking $1.50 each, 5-10 available. Whatever ones don't sell, go to the main planted tank and take their chances with the apisto and polypterus.

Non CC paypal or Revo ME
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