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Rocks and wood

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Where do most of you get your rocks / wood from? I know that online retailers sell it but is awfully expensive to get it shipped. I am in Gainesville, Florida and it seems all the rock in this area is unacceptable for aquarium use (Limestone)... Wood is a little easier to come by. I am using some feather rock (Its black with some white stripes) but its so light, i feel like heavier rock would add more stability to my gravel slopes. Anyone have suggestions? If i do go buy rock what should i look for? Granite, marble, etc...
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since its hard to find it in your area just walking, I would go to a landscape buisness. Its real cheap and sometimes free for the small pieces laying around. As far as what, it depends on your preference and what you want your tank to look like. river rock, slate, etc...take a look and see what you like out of all your choices.
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