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I have all the above morphologies, predatory, (macrobrachium pilimanus) who has her own tank because she could kill any of my fish easily. She is a neat freak and rearranges her substrate to suit her tastes.

My filter feeder disappears into the plants and I see her from time to time, she eats the microbes and that is her purpose. She adds an interesting element to the situation. Weird looking and yet pretty.

My other shrimp, mostly cherries are to act as scavengers and indirectly, as a food for my other fish through their not so swift offspring. Some survive, some don't. They clean up the crud and provide food for others, works well in my books, as long as I don't see it happening. They are just neat to look at, here there and everywhere. Shrimp add an interesting element of just something utterly different.

My ghost shrimp amuse me. So I keep them just for that. I find them, of all my shrimp just hilarious.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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