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Hi Naomi,

It looks like you're doing pretty well on the nutrients. I figure you are using 35 ppm NO3 per week, and 4.2 ppm Fe per week. If you are doing a 50% water change weekly these numbers are right on with T. Barr's suggestions.

However, for PO4 it comes out to only .5 ppm per week. Tom usually recommends 1 to 2 ppm PO4 twice per week with a weekly 50% water change. So I would at least quadruple the Flourish P.

It could be you are running out of P and the plants can't metabolize the Fe until the missing P is absorbed.

The only other thing I can think of is that you might not have enough light compared to what I have read about other 10 gallon tanks. People are posting that 3 w/gal for a 10 gallon tank is not enough light. I would judge this yourself by observing how well other plants that have a high light requirement grow in your tank.

Also, I don't know much about Hottonia palustris, as I have never cultivated it and I am sure you know more about its culltivation than I do. But in case you don't have Kasselmann's book, she says the following:

"Under the false assumption that it is the North American H. inflata species, it is not uncommon for the shoots to be used for cultivation in tropical aquariums where its maintenance, however, rarely proves to be satisfactory. A temperature of 25degC (77degF) in the aquarium should not be exceeded for lengthy periods. Also, both intensive illumination as well as a freestanding location in the aquarium's foreground is recommended."

For Lysimachia nummularia she says:
"This species belongs to the regularly commercially available cold-water plants.........will display optimum growth only under good lighting and water temperatures up to 20degC (68degF)."

I hope this helps.

Steve Pituch
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