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You do know Aurea is supposed to be yellow, don't you? ...just kidding! :)

I have been growing both of these plants for some time now, and I'm betting it's iron, though without seeing the plants, it's hard to say for sure.

Now I'm going to say something that might PO some folks: Ferrous gluconate is not a particularly efficient way to dose iron. It works, but it takes a LOT to satisfy some plants. Carlos has posted that he is adding something like 21 ml of both Flourish and Flourish Iron each week to his 20 gallon tank. That's around 300mg Fe each week, or more than 4 mg/l !!!! That's macro nutrient level. I was dosing over 2ppm Fe each week before I gave up and switched back to a chelated form. I get much better results while dosing far less.

I had trouble with both Hottonia and Lysimachia while using Flo. Iron; small growth and the shedding of lower leaves (after chlorosis) where intermediate symptoms. When the deficiency reached a severe point, the growing tips of the Lysimachia died, and the Hottonia quit growing and began rotting at the base of the stem.

Some other things make me think it's an issue with iron...

High calcium complicates the uptake of some nutrients, especially trace metals. That's why hard water needs more traces.

Also, Steve makes a good point about PO4 limitation possibly causing problems with uptake and utilization. Things are not always as they appear; sometimes an obvious deficiency symptom may turn up when the nutrient in question is plentiful. For example, I have seen chronic iron deficiency result in what appeared to be calcium deficiency despite the fact that my water has nearly 100 ppm Ca. It drove me nuts until I finally figured out what was going on.

After iron, I'd suspect potassium. I've seen Lysimachia chlorose (new word!) and shed leaves in poor K+ water.

By the way everyone, take the "rules" of experts like Kasselmann with a grain of salt. I've grown Lysimachia that had leaves the size of a quarter and gained nearly 1" every day in water that hovered between 24.5 and 25C. That's considerably warmer than she suggests. If my Lysimachia was not "optimum", then I'd hate to know how big it can get. I do agree about the lighting, and many plants do prefer cooler water though they grow ok in warmer temps.
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