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Hey, All.

In particular, I'm seeing both of these problems in Hottonia palustris and Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'. It's the Hottonia that's causing me worry at the moment. The lower leaves have been turning yellow, and roots are growing out of practically every node. They're in better shape now than when I received them, but only in the sense that the leaves are bigger and the internodes are greatly shortened.

These are in a 10-gallon tank with 28W PC lighting, Eco-Complete, and the temperature remains pretty steady at about 76F. On a DAILY basis, I dose 1.5 mL Flourish Iron, 0.5 mL Flourish Phosphorus, approximately 0.5 mL Flourish, and some moderate amount of KNO3 (5 mL stock solution KNO3; stock solution = 1/4 tsp KNO3 plus "pinch" of epsom salt in 10 tsp H2O). Might I be low in K? I have K2SO4 that I haven't been using because it's so darn dirty. I know yellowing can indicate a deficiency in either iron or potassium, but I think I'm adding enough iron. BTW, the last time I measured the GH of my tank, it was at 11 German degrees. Out of the tap, it's typically less than one. Either something's leaching out calcium or there's still quite a bit of residual hardness left over from when I was using Equilibrium (up until fairly recently). Oh yeah - and I have DIY CO2 going into the tank, but the pH is still well over 7.6 (as high as my test reads).

What would roots coming out of every node indicate? I know it's "normal" in certain species like Cardamine lyrata and Hydrocotyle spp. Somehow, I don't think Hottonia or lloydiella are "supposed" to do this. It's driving me nuts.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.

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