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I have 2 large stands of A. nana, and one large stand of C. wendtii, among other plants, in my 29 gal. It is nearing time for pruning/thinning. I looked at the bottom of my tank and saw the root system from these guys is huge! :shock:

I can't imagine that all the roots will come up with the specimens when I remove them. How bad is it to leave some of the roots in the gravel?

A while ago, I had considered pulling up the Anubias and doing some pruning when I noticed it was starting to flower. That was about a month ago, and it still has the flower stalk! Now I have 2 more stalks going up, I love them! If they keep flowering, I might never get around to pruning them!

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There's no harm at all in leaving roots in the substrate. They'll eventually decompose and provide more food to the plants.

Congrats on the Anubias flowering!

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