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Rotala "Green" trimming technique

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So I trimmed the tops of my Rotala to get a bush effect, and this is what I came up with. The ludwiga acruata didn't do so well with trimming the tops, and I will probably plant the tops for now on. I don't know how the first place ADA winner made such a great Rotala "Green" bush.

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The bush effect comes from "low-down" trimming early on and some replanting to gain density.

Andrew Cribb
Looks pretty good to me. After studying many, many ADA layouts, it seems that they disguise the lower portions of their Rotala rotundifolia "Green" groupings with midground plantings and driftwood. Take a look at Amano's use of this plant and see for yourself...

All I do is to cut the plants in any shape I want and keep my dosing as usual. I don't like the idea of planting more of the green Rotala for the fact that sooner or later the plant will grow so much that clipping horizontal growth will be a chore.
As for the Ludwigia arcuata this is what I have done before. The plant is delicate and struggles to come back after the first trimming. Now the plant may not grow as fast as the others so this is what I have done before. Trim and allow the plant to recover. The new growth will be much dense of what you initially had so instead of trimming again, remove the whole bunch holding the plants from the bottom. Don't let go the plants! With your other hand cut the bottoms and replant it in the same spot.
Make sure to plant it well, otherwise it will float as soon as the photosynthesis begins.
It may sound crazy but it works!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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