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Rotala Sp. Green, Rotala Colorata, HC, Glosso, and Purple Bamboo.

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Hi guys,

Well I have a bunch plants that I am about to trim. I have Glosso, Rotala sp. Green, Rotala Colorata, HC, and a special Purple Bamboo. I have not trim anything yet. I be trimming today and tonight. Right now I am looking for people who might be interested as I don't want these plants sitting around for a long time.

Here some pics:
HC in my 2.5g tank.

Everything else is in my Mini M.

Please pm if interested. Prices will come once done trimming.

Some Price listings so far:

.~Purple Bamboo-Average of about 4inchs each-3 pieces
Price: 6.00 + 5.00 Shipping Sold!

~Rotala Colorata- 40 stems in each-2 packages available. Size is 4-7in.
Price: 12.00 for each package + 5.00 shipping.

~Rotala Sp. Green- 35 stems-2 packages available. Size is 3-6in.
Price: 12.00 for each package + 5.00 shipping

~HC- bag full- Price: $6.00 + 5.00 shipping Pending

I will have prices of Rotala's tonight and the rest tomorrow.

I ship only to U.S. Shipping will be done by USPS Priority Mail, in a Bubbled Envelope. I wrap all plants with a moist paper towel and place them in a zip lock bag then I wrap the plastic bag in most towels for insulation and protection from possible rough housing from the mail man.:cool:
Paypal Only please!!! I aways include extras!!!:eek:;)

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please just ask.
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