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I have experienced the same thing with Rotala indica, although not as severe. It would only be the ocassoinal stem that did it and I would cut it off. Often one side shoot of a stem would look like yours and another from the same stem would look fine. I have no idea. I will, though, throw in a couple of my own thoughts/observations.

When this started for me I jumped on the Ca bandwagon and got some Kent's liquid calcium. Dose 4-5 mls at the wc(in a 10 gallon, 4.5 watts and CO2) of the Calcium. I have a Gh of 9 so i shoul dalready have enough Ca. I have/had been raising my kH from 2 to 4 with baking soda. I am strongly associating this problem with an Na buildup.

I also was dosing more Flourish/Fe than now, although not nearly the levels you are. Only 1-2 ml every day for me. Maybe you are having a nutrient toxcicity situation? How often are your wc's. I assume 50% once a week. Could this problem be a buildup of some unusual nutrient(vandium or something silly like that)? Since this Rotala is suposedly so easy to grow, this theory could make some sense. Leave it alone and it grows fine, let NO3 climb, P drop and it is fine; start going "high tech" and the plants suffers? Maybe it is more sensitive to higher trace buildup? This does not make much sense though, Shane is dosing both his tanks the same.

Lighting... well one never knows but I had this problem before switchng to 9325k bulbs so....and not now.

K, well I do and always have dosed 10ppm of K2SO4 at the wc.

Well anyway, no answers but maybe some clues. If nothing else, you can just add this to the mix:)
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