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rotala vietnam, peacock moss, blyxa

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i have 20-23 nice stems of rotala vietnam all stems are 6-14" tall, most are around 10"+ with only 4-5 6" stems
nice plants, no algae or snails! 19.00

5 stems blyxa, nice and green, about 3"tall 4.00

2 tropica swords 3" tall 7-10 leaves each 4.00

golfball taiwan moss 4.00

6.00 shipping or all for 36.00!

paypal only, NO ECHECKS NO ECHECKS!!!

theres more vietnam than what is in pic but your getting these exact plants to!

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prices are now

vietnam 18.50
taiwan 4.00
blyxa 4.00
tropicas 3.50 each

34.50 shipped for all
38.00 for both swords
PM sent for taiwan moss
Come on you guys. I already bought it all. See it in my aquarium up there?

But, if he has any left, they are nice plants.
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