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I have been trying to grow Rotala Wallichi without any success in the last four years. Within a week of planting this plant, the color changes from bright pink to green and then to black and sheds all leaves within 3 weeks. The stems stays there for ever without any growth. I will remove this and get new plant from time to time hoping that some day it will work. My daughter likes and wants this plant and it is frustrating.

I have 6w/G lights and dose Seachem fertilizers as per their recommendations. I have laterites/eco complete substrates and CO2 injection (3 bps). The water is hard in this area. Could this be the reason? Does increased dosing of Iron/Flourish will help it? All other plants grow healthy though without much bright colors.

Appreciate your help and input.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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