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Lots of simple/easy plants to get out of here...

Ammannia gracilis - $2 - grown mostly emersed, these will be 5" out-of-tank portions, but they root easily...very colorful, and bigger than most of my other stem plants. (although will stay smaller if kept submersed, and won't produce the little purple flowers)

Ludwigia repens - $0.25 per 5" stem. Super easy, very colorful...this may actually be a cross?

Egeria najas - $0.50 - Many 5" stems, super easy and in my opinion has a very pretty texture

Glossostigma elatinoides - $3 - Small wad (golf ball sized?) of gloss-- this is one where the size of the starter doesn't matter...if you have the right conditions it'll take off like a rocket, if you don't it'll just sit...I recommend substrate ferts if you're looking for the carpet effect...

Dwarf Chain Sword / Hair Grass - $3 - same disclaimer as the hairgrass, there probably isn't a good reason to buy more than one portion, if you have the right conditions, you'll never be rid of it. Makes a great carpet if you have decent substrate ferts.

Hygrophila difformis - $1 - Nice structure, easy to grow...

Hygrophila polysperma - $0.25 - Super weed. Nearly unstoppable.

Hydrophila polysperma 'Sunset'
- $0.50 - Super weed. (but prettier!) Same as above.

Hygrophilla sp. 'PORTO VELHO' - $3 - Price is per stem, this is easier than I was first led to believe, and still a little uncommon, but like the gloss I would recommend substrate ferts... Great foreground plant.

Limnophila aromatica
- $1 - Per 5+" stem. Very pretty, and has nice texture.

Micranthemum umbrosum - $1 - I keep this both as a floating mess (to inhibit jumpers), and rooted as a heavily trimmed foreground. Bright leaves with nice round shape. Super easy.

ROTALA SP. 'NANJENSHAN' or ROTALA SP. 'VIETNAM' - $0.25/stem - I don't know what this is, it came from Luis Navaro when he spoke to our fish club...guessing rotala sp.? It looks like the links provided (and sample pictures). Nice soft texture. Easy.

Riccia fluitans - $2 - Golf ball sized portion. I keep this in the floating mess (again, as a jump-inhibitor), and tied down, but really it's kind of a pain to keep tied down-- I'd recommend riccia stones or just letting it float.

Big portions of java moss. No link included...just a handful of standard java moss! - $1

I'd be glad to include some "random floating mess" and stem samples for you to pick through, if you'd like-- this will consist of small but usable pieces of what ever's floating closest when I go through the cuttings! (nothing too great, but a nice way to pick up a lot of easy species if you're setting up a new tank and need fillers/floaters.

Anything from one of my heavily planted tanks may include scuds-- my breeding killies love these things (think small freshwater shrimp). In a tank with fish you'd never see them because the fish pick them off so quickly, but if any of these are going into a shrimp or plant only tank and you definitely don't want any scruds included, please let me know so I can give them a warm bath before they leave here.

I'd love to trade for any Rosette or Rhizome plants I don't have (already have plenty of normal java fern), as well as Hemianthus callitrichoides, hottonia palustris, L. glandulosa, M. tuberculatum, Polygonum sp. 'SAO PAULO', Proserpinaca palustris. (these are just interesting or colorful plants from the plant finder, anything similar I don't have would be taken into consideration).

(some oeseri amazed to see plants coming back OUT of a tank...)

Shipping is $6 priority mail, and I accept paypal payments.

Thanks for looking!
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