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Anyone know how to get rid of runaway Christmas Moss? Its all over my plants and ornaments. Due to the water temp (84 degrees, without a heater, for my Wattley Discus), the moss is stringy and brown. When I try to pull the moss out it falls apart and spreads to other areas of the tank. It's taken over my tank. I am not looking to tearing my tank down as the fish are thriving.
I run my tank per instructions from Wattley Enterprises. Using CO2, aged tap water, Seachem ferts, and weekly water changes. I do not test my water, and never had any problems, with water clarity or fish deaths in years.After the Hurricane passes us (Ike), and I run out of black worms (( buy them by the pound) ( bi monthly)), I will be traveling to Miami and will contact Wattley. Till then, anyone know how to eliminate Christmas Moss?
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