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Dear friends

It has been a long time since I posted my last tank.
High pressure of work made me lack of time to take care of my tanks, and cannot find much satisfy aquascape.
For those unsatisfying job I will recreate another one and will not spend time to take photo.

This job is created at the end of 2007. One day when I pass by an aquarium shop, I found this roots. I love roots since they are usually of different forms and have their own style.

The problem of using root is how to make them sink. Even you soak them in water for a long time it still float. So I put cement and stainless steel screw to make the base to add weight and make it sink.
In order to outstanding the wood frame,I use those plants that can ripe and grow on wood such as Fantinalis antipyretica, Microsorum ''narrow", Aubias barteri var. nana…etc, and only ripe partial of the "branches".
Beautiful Ludwigia plaustris become the main focus. I use Echinodorus tenellus as grassland to make it look more "wild".

Hope you would like it.
Please find my other photos in the following link:

I would like to thank Cliff Hui for making a video specially for this tank:

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A very beautiful tank Harry. Can you please share the size of the tank, dosing strategy and the equipment used?

Thank you and keep up the great work.

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