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Feed some live food treats once in a while. I do! And they love it. I've plenty of live food on hand from my dwarf cichlid fry, so once or twice a week I squirt some extra into their tank. Microworms, daphnia, bbs, grindals, even the large blackworms; they eat them all!

Mine tend to hide/rest/reside in the back left corner. So I always feed in the opposite right front corner. This has made them get use to moving around the tank when they want to eat. They know the sound of my voice now and sometime come out just when they hear me. (I usually talk to my tanks and say hello when I do my daily check-ups and feeding.) Once I've given a few live treats the whole gang rushes to the front - it's a feeding frenzy!

I also think these guys love to be in big numbers. Six is the bare minimum, ten or twelve is better. I've got twenty in a 20g long. In a heavily planted tank it's not too much. My next project is to set up a small 5g and try to raise some of their fry. I'd love to spread them out into in a few of my other tanks.
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