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Yeah mine eat moss too. I had a nice moss wall that was slowly getting "mowed" Those buggers are just so hard to catch and remove so I had to rescape to be compatable with them.

As far as feeding them I was feeding them the wafers, but they really like (and so do the shrimp) fresh vegtables and fruit. I'll occationally (once a week or so) put a slice of zuchinni or yellow squash or sweet potato in the tank. I just microwave it first to soften it up and it then even sinks right to the bottom when I throw it in. They also like the rine from melons like honeydew. They very delacatly remove the little of flesh that we miss when we eat it. And then the snails (if you have them) finish the rest off. On a side note it's really amazing to see how this 4" piece is digested by the tank so fast and how nothing is wasted, everything playing it's part in removing it.

Even with feeding them it seemed like for me that once they got a taste of the moss they kept munching, although not as fast. I guess the key is to keep them from doing it in the first place.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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