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8 stems ammania bonsai aka true rotala indica, 2-3" tall, nice 4.50
on right in pic, the roraima isnt for sale!

1 golfballs taiwan moss, little java mixed in to 4.00 each, 1 left

1 blyxa aubertii, super nice! 10-12"+ tall nice SOlD SOLD

Minami shrimp 20+ 1 or 2 total shrimp ranging from juvis- ADULTS!. there small but they grow fast! most all have brown, light brown stripes on the backs.specks of brown, blk, blue. in bodies. 22.00 shipped!
shrimp pics ......................

lotus are soldout for now will have somemore when bigger!

shipping is 6.00 for most combined, paypal only, no echecks!

all shipping priority mail and styro in box
i can ship saturday!
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