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I never realized it until recently, but Samolus parviflorus is all over the place. It is an inconspicuous plant, never growing in the water at usual water levels, but always near water and in shaded places, especially north of buildings or structures where there is open sky to the north, but no sunlight. It is found where there is the lighting is such that there are scattered plants with bare ground inbetween them. At this time of the year (March) it is a flat rosette plant, so flat that it looks almost like it was painted on the soil. The rather thick, lighter colored veins of the leaves identify it.

If you are interested in trying out Samolus, look for small streams, permanently boggy or wet places, and then look where the shading is enough so that the ground has scattered plants with bare ground visible. Samolus has been recorded practically everywhere in the U.S. except Minnesota west to Idaho and south to Colorado.



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