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Saurek`s 90p iwagumi

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Greetings fellow scapers.

It`s been a while since my last journal. It was 125g tank which is empty for about two years now - I have to get a new room - so forced to abandon it. And decided to shift into the smaller dimensions - main reason was the size of the stones - you have to get really big ones for 60 height tank. So I turned to classics: 90x45x45.

I`ll skip the stand and empty tank photos (seriously - we`ve all saw it countless of times). It`s not ADA tank and stand - but it looks like it.

The lights are Aqua Medic 150W + 2x24W (BLV 8800 and Dennerle Amazon day 6000), JBL e1501 filter and pressured CO2. Pretty common stuff. Ferts are also Dennerle as well as gravel (1-2 mm quarz sand). Also decided to try out Twinstar Nano - odd thing, but it should help. At least it makes cool bubbles.

Plants. Well, one plant actually - HC. Thought about eleocharis - but it grows in all directions and pretty wild for me.

So far I have three dry setups for you:

Still need a bit of calibrations for sure (gravel level as well).

Personally I prefer the last one. Second one is odd - I`ve tried to place my largest stone in alternative position - but I don`t like much how it looks (can`t find other stones to balance it, perhaps). As you can notice - I`m pretty satisfied with my right side - so main difference is the left one.

Anyway - what do you people think?
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#3. All nice though

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