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Saurek`s 90p iwagumi

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Greetings fellow scapers.

It`s been a while since my last journal. It was 125g tank which is empty for about two years now - I have to get a new room - so forced to abandon it. And decided to shift into the smaller dimensions - main reason was the size of the stones - you have to get really big ones for 60 height tank. So I turned to classics: 90x45x45.

I`ll skip the stand and empty tank photos (seriously - we`ve all saw it countless of times). It`s not ADA tank and stand - but it looks like it.

The lights are Aqua Medic 150W + 2x24W (BLV 8800 and Dennerle Amazon day 6000), JBL e1501 filter and pressured CO2. Pretty common stuff. Ferts are also Dennerle as well as gravel (1-2 mm quarz sand). Also decided to try out Twinstar Nano - odd thing, but it should help. At least it makes cool bubbles.

Plants. Well, one plant actually - HC. Thought about eleocharis - but it grows in all directions and pretty wild for me.

So far I have three dry setups for you:

Still need a bit of calibrations for sure (gravel level as well).

Personally I prefer the last one. Second one is odd - I`ve tried to place my largest stone in alternative position - but I don`t like much how it looks (can`t find other stones to balance it, perhaps). As you can notice - I`m pretty satisfied with my right side - so main difference is the left one.

Anyway - what do you people think?
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I personally like the first one the most. It lends itself to draw the eyes in a vertical fasion as you climb up the rocks face. The small stone just below the main stone looks good as well. The lines of the two stones are opposite and contrast each other nicely. I agree with your arrangment on the right. This is pleasing to the eyes.
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