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Sherwood is hosting the March Meeting in Long Beach-on Sunday the 21st.
Please RSVP in this thread when you know you will be coming.
List how many guests will be coming with you. *Only

Meeting Details:

Food Provided: Grilled Burgers (meat/veggie)...?
Cost $5 per adult (goes towards host's cost of food)
Speaker/Demo: De-rimming a tank...? (Tank will be auctioned at the meeting )

Extras: Bring your favorite beach or lawn chair (FOR SURE) We will be hanging out in the yard for some time during the meeting. We may need chairs and some tables Plan for cold/wet weather just in case...

1:00 pm - Check in starts at 1:00pm and food will be served for everyone. The more on-time you are, the hotter and tastier your food will be

1:30pm - 2:30 - Demo - Tank De-rimming
2:45 - 3:00 - Auction will begin
5:00 - Check out
6:00 - Meeting should be over

*If you want to sell or buy at the auction please register here:

*New members be sure to ask for your membership cards to get store discounts!

SCAPE is free to join!

SCAPE is a local, non profit group formed of the most dedicated Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts in Southern California who, together, form a movement to promote awareness and knowledge of the science, art, and beauty of planted tanks among both hobbyists and retailers.

As a member,You can take advantage of Group Buys, & join SCAPE Monthly Meetings where you can participate in Sales and Live Auctions for Plants, Fish/Shrimp/Inverts and aquarium equipment. It is a great way for you to meet your local fellow hobbyists that are sure to become good friends.

Check out the SPONSOR FORUMS to see all the Sponsors of SCAPE where members can see the great deals offered to them and often see posted sales and specials.

Also take a look at our Tradewinds section, where your fellow members exchange plants, livestock, and other goods in a friendly and local environment.

Local Fish Stores, or LFS for short are an important part of not only our hobby, but our local communities as well. In So Cal we have some of the BEST LFS's around, many of which show support for SCAPE by offering Discounts to Members. It is important for SCAPE members to show these LFS's the support they show us, so you can use the LFS Locator to find them and view any LFS Sales where and when available
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