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Sea Rocks

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Living in Miami I have to tell you there are great big rocks on the beaches around here, are this safe to introduce to a FRESHWATER aquarium?
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Unfortunately for south Florida, rocks suitable for freshwater aquarium are totally absent. Every single rock you see in south Florida is made out of limestone, which will raise the hardness of the water dramatically and not be good for many plants/fish.


After your reply, I have to ask this, I do have some rocks ai grabbed from the pond in my appartment complex in my aquarium, are those safe?

I'm sorry to tell you, but probably not. :) Although these rocks may not have much of an effect on a pond, they will drastically effect the water chemistry of your aquarium.

As I said before, Miami only has limestone rocks. We don't have all the neat rock types others in the US have... but we have mangrove driftwood instead. :D

To test your stones, you can put a little Muriatic Acid on the stone. If the stone fizzes, it will play havoc with your water chemistry.

Mangrove wood is awesome. Here in orlando i find lots of quartz. Do you not have any quartz down there?

I have not seen any, actually why don't you post a picture to see what it looks like.. I can look for it.
I am sorry i dont know how to post pictures. One day i will figure that out.
Scroll down on the screen where you type the message and you will see a header that reads "Add an Attachment" click on the Browse buttoon and select the picture you want to include with your post, then add a comment on the appropriate box and click "Add Attachment"

When you submit the post it will include the picture.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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