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seachem acid buufer

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Has anyone here had a pink slime issue when using seachem acid buffer in aging tanks? Stuff is nasty and I think it is the buffer because the pellets are pink.
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Re: seachem acid buffer

nobody getting pink slime?
I saw your post very late while searching for something else. I had also experienced with that kind of pink slime and posted a thread maybe one year ago or earlier. Replies didn't satisfy. It had a phosphoric beautiful pink color but as you can guess it would not be too good to face with such a substance in your aquarium. I wasn't using any buffer then. It came out sticked with not growing Blyxa japonica roots. It formed up inside the substrate I mean. Since then it hasn't happen again. But I still wonder what it was. But I had suspected the iron tablets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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