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seachem line and shrimp

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I have a fifty gallon planted tank and dose the complete seachem line. I added about 20 cherry shrimp last week and they seem to be doing just fine. I was worried about dosing the flourish and trace because it does contain copper. I dose the flourish with about 4.2 ml and trace 12.5 twice a week and do about a 40% water change weekly. Will the shrimp be ok with this? The shrimp seem to enjoy my driftwood that is covered with java moss and directly in front of a spraybar that is putting out my CO2 with lots of flow. All the fish in the tank leave them alone so far.
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I think they should be ok. Usually there is not enough copper in the ferts to cause any harm. If you can get Kent micros they contain less copper then other brands.
I use flourish, sometimes more than recommended and so far, no ill effects.
I would still keep my eye on them just in case something do happen. Keep us updated
what about using a soulution like PPS or EI? I'm thinking PPS just because i've seen the #'s of coper induced over on PT and it's something like .000019ppm or something like that. I assume that would be fine?

Why oh why did i not get my ferts when i was home
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