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AS with the other Sera kits this one has an excellent color chart which has the color blocks cut out with an arc on one side that matches the shape of the test vial. The color shades on the acidic side are distinctive enough to be unambiguous. Above neutral the shades are more subtle but still discernable. Because of these close shades interprolation is not as easy as in other Sera kits. Resolution is 0.5 pH and the range is from 6.5 pH to 9.0 pH.

I have a Hana Pocket meter so I don\'t use this kit as much unless my batteries die but I have compared the kit reading with the meter and the results are close. Again, I operate in a narrow acidic regime from 6.2 to 6.9 so I can\'t attest to the kits accuracy below this range. I have tested others\' water both with the kit and the meter at values up to about 8.0 with good results.

I paid €8 ($11) locally for the kit which works out to about 10 cents per test.

pH is a fundamental \"must have\" measurement and everyone should have a kit. As such it is very good value.


ProsEasy to use color chart, fairly accurate
ConsSmall font size text in instructions
Would you recommend?yes
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