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I have a couple of questions about the Fertilator. For the most part, I think it's really great and I really like the new features showing when you are dosing in the proper target range, etc. Very helpful for a beginner like myself.

However, I've noticed a few things I don't really understand about the results and user interface. I'm not sure if these are problems or just things I'm not understanding, so bear with me.

First off, a question about the new nominal/actual volume feature: I think I misinterpreted the wording when I first looked at it. The tank I'm trying to calculate parameters for is 20 gallons, but according to the given formula the actual water volume when the substrate, etc is factored in would be about 17 gallons. So far, so good. Since this is less water, the concentrations of chemicals in the water when the same amount is added should be greater than if the actual volume of water was 20 gallons. However, if I uncheck the "actual volume" of water box, then the concentrations calculated by the Fertilator go down, not up. Not that this is really a problem since I can readily figure out which is the correct setting...but I was confused by the wording. To me, the "actual volume of water" box being checked would imply that 20 gallons was the actual volume of water in my tank rather than 17 gallons. Perhaps some clarification of what the box actually does would be in order. Or perhaps I'm a moron ;)

My second question is about Flourish vs. Flourish Iron, which are the primary things I'm trying to use the Fertilator for. I'm dosing Flourish twice a week and Flourish Iron on the other 5 days. Things are growing well, and algae is under control, so I wanted to check how much I was actually adding so I could note it in a log I'm keeping. Anyway, according to the Fertilator 1 mL of Flourish adds more Fe than 1 mL of the Flourish iron (0.78 ppm vs. 0.16 ppm). How can this be, considering that according to the Seachem site, Flourish is 0.32% Fe, and Flourish Iron is 1.0% Fe? How can adding the same volume of a more concentrated solution add LESS iron? I may not be understanding something here, so feel free to correct me.

Anyway, thanks for the help and for all the hard work you guys put in running this site. It's one of the best resources I've found online, and I've already mentioned you guys to sponsors.
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