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Several plants for sale

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All plants are for shipment this coming Saturday. I ship priority w/ delivery confirmations, boxes are packed with styrofoam peanuts for insulation. No cold packs, so mind your weather. Add $6 to your order for shipping please.

I am at a point that my Paypal account cannot accept more CC payments, so until I get that figured out, non-CC paypal please.

First, we have runners of E. Angustifolia "Vesuvius". This is a fairly easy to grow, rare, and simply awesome grassy plant. Grows out in a corkscrew fashion, gets 8-10" tall.

For sale are runners of daughter plants. 4+ plants on a runner, $9 each. (1 PENDING, 1 available)

Next we have "Low Grow Hygro", otherwise ID'd by Tom Barr in a thread here on TPT.

This is a slow grower, great mid or foreground plant. It will creep up rockwork, but otherwise stays low, shooting side shoots as opposed to vertical stems.

4 stems, $5. At least one will be rooted, others clippings. (1 PENDING, 1 available)

I have one package of Hygrophila Angustifolia for sale. 5+ stems, $4. Long stems. This is a great hygro for getting that long thin leaved, grassy look, without dealing with the runners of vals. (PENDING)

One package of Pogostemon Stellata, 5+ stems, $4. Pink topped stems in great shape, all nice and long, expect 8" stems. (Pending)

Plantlets of a rare sword: Echinodorus Midifleur. $10 each. 2-3 available.

These have grown out to be 3-4+ inches tall now, and are healthy and should be ready to be planted. If you like swords but can't deal with the 2' monsters, THIS is the sword for you. It gets 12" tall, nice wide leaves, dark crimson new growth with dark green old growth. It'll fit into medium sized tanks without taking it over once it grows in!

All plants can be found in my 180g. Vesuvius front left corner, Low grow is the foreground in front of the rocks, stellata rear left, hygro angustifolia is center rear, midifleur sword is center.

Please pm me for purchase, or if you have questions or need closer pics of any of the plants.


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All pms replied, quantities being updated as pending.

Close ups of sword as requested, adult and the babies to be sold:

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Only Midifleir swords still available. Who woulda thunk it, I thought they'd go first!
For some reason, my edit button is gone....

Had a non-payer.

I have available still swords, 1 package of Hygro Angustifolia ($4), one package of Vesuvius runners ($9)
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