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I am going to be starting my first planted aquarium soon but I still have a few specific questions that I can't seem to find the answer too. It is a 30 gal tank, so 1 lb of substrate per gal, right? You all talk about flourite, and eco-complete, but what mixture, and what else exactly? I couldn't find any good answers..

I also really want hairgrass ( I don't know why, it just looks cool), what is the minimum lighting I need for it, and do I need CO2 as well?

Thank You

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Here is a link to calculate how much substrate you need...

You can use Eco-complete or Fluorite straight, no mixing. I would recommend Eco-complete because it is so easy to use, just open the bag and pour it in the tank, no rinsing required. You can also mix these with other gravels, make sure to get the same size gravel so one does not settle.

I would recommend at least 3WPG for Hairgrass, you could get away with a little less however you may not get the growth you want. If you have over 2WPG then you need to inject C02 and your Hairgrass will do better.
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